We're a team that adores what we do

Serious about our work. Dedicated to our customers. Committed to our products. And we love to have a great time. We do creative work and we do it well: it makes us happy! Lunabytes was founded in January 2016 by Randall Aché and Alex Payne, who imagined a company focused on custom software, website design, and mobile apps, and specializing in the development of automated business product software. The two friends met at another company also founded in-part by Randall Aché called Synapse Development Group. When Synapse dissolved, Lunabyte rose from the ashes to carry on Randall and Alex’s commitment to high-end, high-quality, high-impact automation and design work.

Randall Ache'

Randall is the visionary and driving force behind Lunabyte. Formerly the director of Synapse Multimedia, Randall has spent his whole life creating and developing businesses that live on the leading edge of technology. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Randall has worked with and for businesses of every size: from Fortune 500 companies to very small operations. He has been in Shreveport for close to twenty years doing award-winning work in his field.

Alex Payne

One of Lunabyte’s founders, Alex loves the process of building a thing: a program, a solution, a platform. He loves to bring it to life and watch people interact with it. “It’s like being a woodworker, only more abstract.” Alex holds an MS in Computer Science, plays the piano, and loves the analytical qualities of chess. Alex is drawn to the creative component of his work: “You have to create in your mind it before you can build it."

Dustin Willis

When Dustin was a kid, he was fascinated by logos. Since then, he’s studied graphic design, sculpture, photography, film, and editing. He loves fusing his geeky tech side with his artist side, and nothing makes him happier than designing something that a client absolutely loves. “That puts me on Cloud 9!” Dustin put himself through art school while working full time, and now lives with his wife and their two cats.

Steven Turner

Steven loves the challenge of learning new technologies. He loves wrestling the problem to the ground and seeing it yield an elegant solution. Then he loves to boil the solution into easy-to-follow instructions for others. With a BA in New Media Design and an MS in Computer Systems Technology, Steven likes to stay on the leading edge of his field. Even in his spare time, Steven can usually be found in front of technology. He can’t get enough!


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